The dive center At the Edge of the Earth … ® in Plouhinec, laureate of Responsible Tourism Awards in 2011 and also distinguished by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development for accessibility , puts everyone in the spotlight smooth water!

For children or adults with a mental or motor disability , your dive center offers an immersion in the world of scuba diving.

Specific dive equipment is provided for each type of disability so you can fully experience your underwater experience.

Framed by our team, we offer:

• personalized diving sessions exclusively reserved for you,
• sessions within a group of non-disabled divers.

All our instructors have a specific training to supervise you during your dives.

We are at your disposal , if the feeling of leaving gravity, discover the riches of the sea, or to live enriching adventures tempts you, do not hesitate the team of Au Bord de la Terre … ® waiting for you from palm firm.

A medical certificate is mandatory for all these activities. Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about it.

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