There is no age to dive!

At the Edge of the Earth … ® , we believe the 3 th age is synonymous with the golden age, the free time to perform his desires or to discover new passions such as scuba diving .

The scuba diving is an activity that takes place in zero gravity and enables smooth travel with an adjustable intensity according to your physical condition.

Diving , Discovery Pack, training … you will find At the Edge of the Earth … ® the formula that suits you with teaching techniques adapted to practice diving that suits you.

The feeling of being covered with water is a source of stress and anxiety?

The Diving Center At the Edge of the Earth … ® is also aimed at aquaphobes of all ages to find in the underwater world solutions for appeasement.

We offer them a progressive and personalized approach to diving.

By respecting the apprehensions, the emotions of each one, we will bring you gently to feel good in the water thanks to a relation of trust, a warm context to arrive to find a well-being under water.

We remind you that it is not necessary to know how to swim to dive . So why not see the water differently than the life that reigns there?

We do not pretend to substitute for medical treatment, but you will be surprised to see how full you can come out of the water after a dive . We live in a demanding world that constantly empties us. Come and relax, we will take you to another world …

It is well known, water is a Zen element that soothes, a source of well-being and relaxation.

Do you feel depressed, a bit depressive? We propose to hunt the blow of blues by diving in the big blue. Open your eyes, let yourself be carried, we take care of you for your dive.

If you wish to go further, a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of diving is mandatory.

Whatever your situation, we want you to practice diving that suits you .

So do not hesitate, contact us to talk about it Phone.

For more information about diving and aquaphobes. Click here.

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