From the age of 8, the dive center At Edge of the Earth … ® offers all children  different activities to discover the aquatic environment .

Baptism or Discovery Pack , these are activities rich in sensations, which will leave them unforgettable moments.

We put at your disposal the appropriate equipment: regulators, suits, fins, masks … We take care of everything!

To grow in the aquatic environment, the dive center At Edge of the Earth … ® can offer them levels of competence.

 Become a Bronze diver (in 3 dives) from 8 years old 
• Become a Silver diver (in 5 dives) from 10 years old 
• Become a Gold diver (in 5 dives) from 10 years old

Aquatic simulation : use the equipment, acquire the skills to evolve underwater. Evaluation appreciated by the supervisor who awards the diplomas. These different skill levels will allow them to dive in more than 90 countries.

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