Scuba diving is a very exciting sport and recreational activity by itself. To put more fun and thrill, diving organizations and magazines regularly invite scuba diving enthusiasts to participate in contests that range from treasure hunting to photography to sweepstakes.

Joining these contests and competitions usually requires a membership or an upfront fee. Scuba diving contests are quite common in the diving community and have become a regular activity that has continuously attracted bigger followers.

Aside from money, prizes can range from gift certificates to sponsored vacations. And these vacations aren’t too shabby, either. Overseas trips to tropical islands and popular diving sites are the usual top prizes, with airline tickets thrown in. If you’re really lucky, your prize could also include a set of brand name diving gear to use during your trip.

Other groups, magazines and sites also give away some pretty good stuff. Scuba Diving magazine, for example, in partnership with Florida Keys puts up a SeaDoo Explorer Underwater Scooter as top prize for their 2016 Drive and Dive Sweepstakes. Contest sponsors also give away smaller prizes that range from gift certificates for free air-fills to discounts on diving gears and equipment.

For scuba diving contests, one of the top sites to check out is www.scubadiver dot com. This site periodically sponsors contests and posts announcements on its website. Another site is www.divernet dot com, which sends out contest announcements through newsletters to members.

Some dive groups like the NorthWest Diver, have a more varied approach to scuba diving adventures. Diving contests to retrieve prizes involve both freediving and snorkeling. Divers are put in deep pools or open water to retrieve tokens in exchange for scuba diving prizes.

Another popular contest is their Treasure Chest hunt, where divers will search for a sunken chest for a $1000. Other organizations also offer the same type of contest and prizes vary, depending on the sponsoring companies and size of the event.

Most competitions sponsored by major organizations involve underwater photography. For example, sponsors sea and sea photography competitions. Underwater photography contests are also sponsored by Cyberdiver and Diveremporium.

Other clubs like the South Florida Underwater Photography Society and Laguna Sea Dwellers Dive Club promote underwater photography as a hobby and an art to scuba divers who prefer to capture marine life and sceneries. Depending on club rules, photos may only be taken on site or submitted through a website for judging.

If you’re looking for a tougher activity, Dolphin Divers of Sacramento, holds a regular Labor Day Spearfishing Contest. The club also offers annual underwater scavenger hunts to its members.

The good news is, there are tons of contests and prize offerings all throughout the year, so if you’re looking to test your diving skills versus other divers, there’s plenty of opportunity to do so.

Scuba Diving and Spearfishing Trips and Contests

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